Denim gown by Zac Posen for Da'Vine Joy Randolph's Met Gala debut  

Zac Posen, Executive Vice President & Creative Director of Gap Inc. and Chief Creative Officer of Old Navy, reveals a custom Gap gown for Oscar-winner Da'Vine Joy Randolph at this year's Met Gala.  

Posen has been a cultural curator and creative catalyst for Gap Inc.'s OLD NAVY, GAP, BANANA REPUBLIC, and ATHLETA brands since February.  

"I'm proud to represent Gap Inc., a portfolio of iconic American brands, at the Met Gala, where fashion meets entertainment to shape the cultural conversation," said Zac Posen, Executive Vice President and Creative Director.  

Posen created a unique denim gown for Da'Vine Joy Randolph inspired by romanticism, nature, and historic figures.  

Posen used Gap's denim specialists to drape and build a gown that pays reference to 1969 denim and 1700s formal attire.  

I was reminded by my experience at The Costume Institute, when I first saw historic clothing' elegance, throughout the creative process "says Posen.   

"This dress is a tribute to the elegance, glamour and drama, which embodies the timeless allure of Da'Vine Joy Randolph, a true original in her craft and in her style."  

San Francisco and the vista from the Gap Inc. offices inspired the gown's strong "international red" lining to resemble the oxidized pigment of the Golden Gate Bridge, and its rich indigo denim wash evokes water flow along its aquatic and shell-like features.  

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