DC's 4th Lowest Ever Movie Box Office Hero Is Officially Set To Return In 2026

In 2026, a hero from DC's fourth-worst film will make an appearance in the DCU.    

With the DCEU winding down, the DCU is preparing to launch a new film franchise set in an entirely new shared universe.    

This will feature both well-known DC characters and some lesser-known ones who have rarely or never appeared in a major film before.    

Among the DC heroes on the announced DCU release schedule, Superman and Batman stand out as two of the most famous and crowd-pleasing options.   

James Gunn and Peter Safran, co-CEOs of DC Studios, appear to be taking a huge risk, though,   

by adapting lesser-known properties such as Swamp Thing and The Authority.   

The fact that Gunn has a history of making strong films based on obscure comic book characters bodes well for the DC Extended Universe.   

One of DC's lowest-grossing films ever featured a more famous name, so Gunn won't just have to deal with minor characters.   

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