Daily Chinese Horoscope Sunday March 14


Bad news, your love life is changing. Accept that things may go wrong. People will surprise you, so adjust rather than oppose.  


Oxen, your bills are rising. Money management: how? If you're careless, cut back on spending.  


Tigers, you're social today! Grab your best friends for brunch or a fun meal. It's good to relax occasionally.  


Rabbits, effort will benefit you. Today is good to catch up on work emails and calls.You start the week early and avoid procrastination.  


You may believe that they are not being truthful regarding a situation, but it may be best for you to trust them and not ask further questions.


Snakes' superpower is independence. This can sometimes help you advance in work.  


Take a day off if you're unwell, horses. You should rest and recover to avoid burnout. Your health trumps any scheduled activity.


Some conversation can do wonders, goats! Call someone you want to make amends with if you don't know how.  

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