Chocolate Frosted Donuts

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Flavorful cooked buttermilk donuts drizzled in chocolate frosting and seasoned with nutmeg and vanilla.  

What a delightful treat these donuts with chocolate frosting are! A delectable donut glazed with rich chocolate and baked to a beautiful brown.  

The authentic bakery flavor of the donuts is brought out with a pinch of nutmeg in the dough.  

Why This Recipe Work

Oil and butter, when combined, impart a buttery flavor and wetness.  

Buttermilk gives it a lovely taste and makes it more moist. The donuts get an additional dimension of flavor from the vanilla.  

Just use ordinary flour or all-purpose flour. Feel free to use whichever flour you happen to have on hand; I prefer unbleached.  

Ingredient Notes

All-purpose flour:  

Granulated sugar or super-fine caster sugar will work.  

Sugar :

Make use of giant or jumbo eggs that are left out of the fridge.  


For added taste, I usually use salted butter when baking, but feel free to use any kind of butter you choose.  


Canola or vegetable oil, or any oil without a strong flavor  


Grind or pulse the nutmeg until it is finely ground. You can vary the amount of nutmeg to your liking; I believe that half a teaspoon gives this recipe the perfect amount of bakery flavor.    

Nutmeg :

For this recipe, you can use either full-fat or low-fat buttermilk.  


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