Can you spot the Board with 3 Red Darts in picture within 15 secs?

Wavy Line

The purpose of the above image is to serve as a mental exercise by asking you to identify the red darts on the board.   

There are a plethora of dartboards in the photo. But three red darts have only hit one board.   

Locate the board with the red darts; that is the challenge of the problem.  

The image supposedly only shows a board with red darts for the most perceptive viewers.    

As they try to find the red darts hidden on a board inside the image, thousands of adults are left bewildered.   

Determine which board has been struck by three red darts by carefully examining this optical illusion image.    

Since the image is filled with dartboards, it could seem too difficult to locate the one containing darts.    

However, the board with the red darts can be located if you look closely at the bottom-right corner of the image.  

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