Can you find 3 bananas among the minions in 15 seconds?  

Wavy Line

Do you know our environment has various visual illusions? These illusions are largely physiological, physical, and cognitive.  

An optical illusion is a fascinating, mind-bending, shape-shifting image of an object or people or a sketch that tests our perceptions.  

These visual illusions reveal how your brain interprets things, making them part of psychoanalysis. Normal human brains may perceive things or images from varied angles.  Bananas concealed amid Minions is a brilliant artwork.  

This challenge requires viewers to find three hidden bananas among the minions. In this optical illusion, minions stand together, making it hard to find yellow bananas.   

The hardest aspect of this optical illusion is finding the three bananas. The image has thousands of adults puzzled over how to spot 3 hidden bananas between the Minions.   

This optical illusion is another fun IQ test. An genuine IQ test is a fantastic approach to determine your IQ.  

Look closely at this optical illusion to find the hidden bananas among the Minions. Due to their camouflage with the Minions' yellow tint, the Bananas may be hard to see. How many bananas did you see in the tree? Three bananas are concealed in the picture.  

If you can't discover the hidden bananas in the image, we've highlighted them.   

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