Can the boom in weed drinks last

 Despite losing market share to cannabis, the beer business has exploited a legal loophole, Bloomberg says. 

 Customers are thrilled about canned drinks without alcohol because they are laced with hemp-derived THC, which is legal and facilitates cross-state delivery.   

 These cannabis beverages are so popular that Bon Appétit and others name their favourites.  

 Beer dealers' lucky break: The 2018 Farm Bill created the loophole to allow hemp manufacturing for clothes and car parts.  

 The beer industry, like the most creative freshman dormmate, used something harmless to make people intoxicated.  

 States are knocking, like the uncool RA. Connecticut is trying to follow New York's ban on drinks with more than 1 milligramme of THC per serving last summer.   

 Twenty more states are asking for a Farm Bill review to ban the drinks.  

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