Caitlin Clark Stuns Fans With Insane Play

In the course of her first three WNBA games, Aitlin Clark gained even more notoriety, and this trend has persisted into her fourth game.

Clark and the Indiana Fever faced the Connecticut Sun on Monday night.

When the Fever was down 67-68 in the third quarter, Clark added to her impressive repertoire of circus shots by driving up from about 30 feet away and making a three-pointer that sparked a wild outburst from the Fever supporters.

Since Clark has been displaying her skills since her time playing at Iowa, fans have become accustomed to seeing shots similar to the one on Monday night.

Clark and the Indiana Fever have begun the season with a 0-3 record, but it appears that she is finding her rhythm more with each passing game. 

igniting an explosive reaction from the Fever crowd. 

"Face of the league," said one fan.

"Better than Curry already," said another.  

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