Brain test: Only the smartest can spot hidden pairs of shoes on the beach

As summer arrives, it's time to throw on your thinking flip-flops and tackle this difficult optical illusion problem.

If you can find the seven pairs of missing summer shoes hidden in this photograph, you may have eagle vision.

But be warned: only the top 1% can find them all in under 30 seconds!The puzzle developer has thrown down the challenge: discover the lost flip-flops before the sun sets.

Don't let the colorful beach towels or the glistening waves distract you from your duties. This image will make you scratch your head as you try to figure it out.

Scan the image from left to right, paying careful attention to the beach umbrellas. Need some assistance?

Not to worry, we've circled the answers below for you. But be quick-witted! Success in this challenge requires it.

Still haven't cracked it? Here's a hint: keep your search toward the bottom left corner of the image.

And if you are still stumped, don't worry! The solution is shown below for you.

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