Brain teaser test: Find out the mistake in this image in under 5 Seconds

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"Solving brain teasers and optical illusions has become an evident and frequent online activity. As more people participate in these activities to keep themselves engaged, they improve their memory function  

observation abilities, and overall cognitive strength. Some can be confusing, while others can be solved in minutes utilizing your hawk eye talents, but some also demand logic and thinking.  

.Now, in the following riddle, you must point out the error in the image, but you only have 5 seconds, so you must be smart and quick in this mess.  

The brain teaser further states that 'the calmer you are, the easier it is to detect the mistake.' As a result, the alphabets from 'A to Z' will be written with an exclamation point  

Thus, keep running your thinking till your five seconds are up.Do not fear, we will not abandon you; however, keep in mind that if the solving time period is really short, the riddle is quite simple,  

and therefore you have been given a short time restriction with an easy issue. The brain teaser is primarily circulated on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), and it was discovered on user Dr Mike Davis' account.  

He frequently delivers mental teasers and puzzles to entertain his followers.   

this was quite simple with a clue from our end to you. If you look at the sentence stated on the image, you will see the incorrect spelling of 'found.'   

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