Bella Hadid Stands With Palestine In Striking Keffiyeh Dress At Canne

 At the Cannes Film Festival this week, Bella Hadid wore a dress like the headscarfs worn globally to show solidarity with Palestine.  

 Hadid wore a classic red-and-white dress with a keffiyeh scarf and checkered design on Thursday to honor her Palestinian ancestry.  

 However, the asymmetrical, ruffled spaghetti-strap dress resembles a shemagh, the keffiyeh's more intricate relative.  

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 the model and fragrance designer wore red Gucci mules, gold hoop earrings, and rimless, rectangular sunglasses.  

 A sleek ponytail with a wispy white hair tie and bright, makeup-free skin were her style.  

 The singer, who supports Palestinian liberation before the current crisis with Israel, praised Michael,,, 

 and Hushi designers Michael Sears and Hushi Mortezaie online later that day.  

 Bella Hadid wears a vintage keffiyeh-print outfit at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday.  

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