Beginning on May 16, three zodiac signs will see a dramatic improvement in their relationships.  

A Gibbous Moon and Virgo transit occur Thursday. For many of us, this raises questions about loyalty, monogamy, and the kind of commitment we want in a relationship.  

Opponents of open relationships will speak up. This won't work for us. We may be 'the old-fashioned ones,' but we won't 'get over it' soon. 

You want to think of yourself as'so cool' that you wouldn't mind if your spouse had another person for fun and romance as long as they don't fall in love. You're not 'that cool' and never will be, Cancer...

1. Cancer  

You don't want this karma. After thinking about it, you'll come up with this 'rule' since you've realized you can never handle a non-monogamous relationship. During the Gibbous Virgo Moon, you'll declare it's not in your nature.  

While you don't like the double standard that occasionally comes up when couples talk about monogamy, such 'you must be faithful to me while I screw about,' you recognize that monogamy is a two-way street.  

2. Leo  

This connection is strong since you both agree, although reminders are needed. This is when you and your partner know reality. You mean it when you claim you require complete allegiance.

Love means wanting someone all to yourself. You feel no one cares about what you do since you have nothing to prove. If people like open relationships, fantastic.

3. Pisces  

You'll remind your lover during the Gibbous Virgo Moon that you're possessive and jealous, and that won't change. Naturally, this includes a plea to your partner to not cheat for fear of grave consequences.  

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