Astrology Matches for Love by Mars and Venus Signs

Many aspects determine your compatibility for love, marriage, friendship, and romance. It involves your physical and emotional attraction, but also astrology.  

Astrology may reveal not just our personality features but also why we are the way we are.   When you delve into how planets effect our personalities, you'll find that some explain why we're compatible with other zodiac signs and not others.  

Aries Mars is confident and assertive.   He knows exactly what he wants and will do anything to achieve it.   His persistence and romantic nature allow him to captivate almost anyone.  

Mars in Aries + Venus in Aries

Mars in Taurus is passionate and romantic. He'll start gradually, but after you devote yourself to him and show him you're in it, he'll ratchet up the romanticism and intimacy. He has multiple notes. He also values stability and foundation. He wants to know that his partner values the same things and will work hard to build a lovely life together.  

Mars in Taurus + Venus in Taurus

Mars in Gemini prioritizes intellect, self-expression, and communication. He wants a partner who challenges him mentally and physically. To discover a long-lasting relationship, he needs someone who shares his goals. Men with Mars in Gemini may be compatible with women with Venus in Aquarius.  

Mars in Gemini + Venus in Gemini

Mars in Cancer is sensual and homey. He wants someone to make a life with and trust with his deepest emotions. It may take him a long to open up, but you need someone patient to let Cancer thrive. Venus in Virgo may suit him best.  

Mars in Cancer + Venus in Cancer

Planet Mars in Leo stages the world.    He loves being the center of attention, but he also desires a private relationship. He wants someone who wants closeness, romance, and passion with him without reservations. Cue Venus in Aries. This zodiac sign can give Leo life's thrill and adventure. She will surprise and delight Leo every day. This pairing can be obsessive with the best of intentions.  

Mars in Leo + Venus in Leo

Mars in Virgo is naturally kind and serving.   Being present for someone beyond bodily needs is intimate, and Virgo values that. He wants to know that his companion can and will take care of him. Women with Venus in Cancer may be most compatible with him.  

Mars in Virgo + Venus in Virgo

Mars in Libra fosters respect and romance. He can sweep you off your feet and make you feel like his only concern, and he has total regard for you. Your lover will lift you up and make you feel like you can do anything. For this reason, a Capricorn Venus woman may be most compatible with him.  

Mars in Libra + Venus in Libra

Scorpio Mars takes passion to the extreme.   It may take time, but he wants a soulmate to share his life with. Scorpio may be most compatible with a Pisces Venus. Pisces will kiss many frogs before finding her prince (Scorpio).  

Mars in Scorpio + Venus in Scorpio

Mars in Sagittarius is permanent student and explorer. Relationships may not always be on his mind. So Sagittarius wants to keep his love choices open. However, he loves his relationships deeply. He may be most compatible with a Gemini Venus. Before she knows what she wants, Gemini likes label-free partnerships.  

Mars in Sagittarius + Venus in Sagittariu

Mars in Capricorn is one of the most ambitious and driven zodiac signs.   Whether he desires a new career or a romance, he gives it his best. Capricorn wants one like him. They don't necessarily share the same aims, but they require drive.  

Mars in Capricorn + Venus in Capricorn

Mars in Pisces is kind and sensitive. He connects with others easily and wants to help as an intuitive zodiac sign. He may be best with a Scorpio Venus. These two water signs have a profound, emotional bond.  

Mars in Pisces + Venus in Pisce

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