Asteroid Pallas enters Scorpio on May 16, bringing abundance to 2 zodiac signs.  

Get rid of worries and fears that prevent you from listening to yourself. Focus on your inner voice's divinity and knowledge, not others' words, to find abundance.   

Spend time with yourself to hear your inner voice and tap into its wisdom. That will help you make great changes to improve your money and abundance.  

Asteroid Pallas enters Scorpio on Thursday, May 16, as it retrogrades, prompting you to better your finances by honoring your inner sense of knowing what to do.  

Pallas rules knowledge, creativity, strategy, and learning. Scorpio becomes more meaningful when you consider what you intuitively know must be done or changed to achieve a more affluent life.   

Pallas in Scorpio helps you focus on your finances, so whether you're paying bills, receiving a present, or planning for the future, you may create more affluence.   

Consider how your inner wisdom might boost your money. Make the most of this energy because each moment prepares you for your dream life.  

Abundance Affirmation: I follow my heart to create a rich existence. Sometimes you may not recognize yourself from last year. Your daydreams are over. Instead, you have been committed and diligently pursuing your divine ideas to achieve your goals.   


Saturn in Pisces and the North Node in Aries have helped you recall that you deserve a life of abundance without fear of losing what is yours. Pallas retrograde enters Scorpio, giving your house of luck and abundance vitality to help you expand in new and exciting ways.   

Pallas retrograde in Scorpio can help you approach new ideas with the same conviction as Saturn in Pisces and the North Node in Aries. This indicates that no matter how busy you have been, you must keep going because it's the only way to achieve your goals.  

Despite your self-improvement, you must still assess your worthiness for the life you want. You've had an implicit focus on worthiness. You can choose what kind of life you want and know that self-doubt steals more dreams than others' opinions.   


You must believe you are worthy of all your dreams to receive the divine marvels of the universe and help them come true.  

As it retrogrades into Scorpio on Thursday, asteroid Pallas helps you create inner worth to receive more riches. Pallas rules wisdom and fighting for your rights. In Scorpio, internal affirmation of your choices can boost your worthiness.  

It also lets you make financial gain judgments. Spend time examining what you think you deserve and making sure no one or anything from your past influences your life. You will attract only prosperity and success if you believe you deserve it.  

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