As Angelina Jolie is required to show NDAs, her ally alleges Brad Pitt is using winery lawsuit to 'punish her for leaving'

 According to documents obtained by Fox News Digital, a Los Angeles judge ordered,,,  

 Angelina Jolie to provide eight-year non-disclosure agreements in the legal battle over her French winery with Brad Pitt.  

 Pitt, 60, won in court, but a source close to Jolie, 48, suggested the move may fail and prolong the Château Miraval issue.   

 "Pitt and his team know these NDAs will never be tried. Fox News Digital source: This is for the press.  

 "They also know that this will force Angie to spend resources tracking all,,,Colin Charlie.

 all of this information down, which is just another way to drain her resources and punish her for leaving."  

 Angelina Jolie accused of sabotaging Brad Pitt's relationship with their kids over their dispute.  

 In response to Pitt's request, Judge Lia Martin ordered Jolie to submit "all non-privileged documents in her possession,,,

 custody or control" from 2014 to February 2022 within 60 days.  

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