An optical illusion can reveal your love life secrets.

 Illusions are more than just amazing visual tricks that challenge perception and brain.  

 They can also disclose latent personality and psychological traits, especially in love.  

 A viral optical illusion test released by prominent optical illusionist and social media influencer Mia Yilin purports to reveal ,,,

 the complexity of your romantic relationships based on what you see first in the image.  

 Each of the two hidden photos reflects a distinct love philosophy. What did you see fir .

 If you saw a flock of doves first, you're a lone wolf or don't want a partnership. You enjoy socializing but also taking time for yourself.  

 Your profession and interests preoccupy you more than love. Because you like change and long-term commitments boring you, you struggle with them.  

 Worrying about the future and doubting oneself causes procrastination. You're unsure of your life path.  

 You also overthink, which causes tension and anxiety.  

 If you observed the woman's face, you're nice and helpful, and others admire you. You value family and love beyond anything else.   

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