Aaron Rodgers is to lose Patrick Mahomes, and Robert Saleh's job will be lost if the Jets quarterback loses in the Super Bowl.  

This coming season, Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets will be playing again. Despite having a terrible injury, Aaron Rodgers' absence caused the Jets to have one of their worst seasons ever (7–10).   

This appears to have taken the focus off of the four-time NFL MVP, who is now expected to perform well following a difficult rehabilitation.  

But the quarterback and company's task is to demonstrate their abilities, defeat powerful AFC teams, and handle quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes.  

When the SPEAK hosts acknowledged that the New York Jets could contend for another Super Bowl, they were illuminating precisely this.  

They won't have an excuse, after all, for running the ball, playing defense, or even for receiving a play.   

The Jets are providing Aaron Rodgers with every tool at his disposal so that he can be successful in the upcoming campaign. To turn the team around, the team signed new players, added veterans, and helped with his recovery.   

But since the Jets haven't made the playoffs since 2010, it's undeniable that Rodgers is under too much pressure.   

though, the quarterback did admit that he enjoys "that kind of pressure." Will he be able to overcome the obstacle? How do you feel?  

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