A Zodiac Sign-specific One-Card Tarot Reading on May 16 

Your daily tarot card reading for Thursday, May 16. Through symbolism, the tarot tells great truths. Zodiac signs show themes in your life or those of others as they pull cards. Let's examine today's Major and Minor Arcana tarot's message.  

Aries, be your own hero. No need to wait for rescue. You may improve your life by taking responsibility for the mistakes you didn't make. You can't always control others' cuts, but you can help yourself heal.   

 1. Aries

Taurus, grass is greener where you water it, not across the street. No matter your perspective, others may trumpet its highlights. Breaking the comparison cycle and being grateful can alter your life.  


3. Gemini  

Life has highs and lows. You will have times of vigor and inspiration and others when your cup is completely depleted and you must retreat. Acceptance can help you go forward. Meet your needs now.  

Cancer, everything has its time. Knowing when to talk and disengage is key. By knowing that, you can practice discernment today. Consider assessing before acting.   

4. Cancer   

5. Leo  

Peace isn't necessarily about more information, but less control. Leave tomorrow's troubles for tomorrow. Anxiety without action doesn't influence outcomes; it steals your peace.  

Shared delight doubles! Share your wonderful fortune. The appropriate people will cheer you on, not envy you. You can provide resources to help others expand their empire.  

6. Virgo   

When you feel like your current employment doesn't represent you, you can persevere. This card shows you can bounce back from setbacks. You are strong and resilient, whether you realize it or not.  

7. Libra

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