A match made in heaven for gamers on RTX 30-series GPUs: AMD's frame generation and Nvidia's DLSS together at last

DLSS upscaling by Nvidia. AMD's technology for creating frames.   

All running on the same graphics processing unit simultaneously. Is that so?    

Living together is like cats and dogs! Or at least the first game to support that combination—Ghost of Tsushima, which debuted on PS4 and was just released on PC yesterday.   

The fact that Nvidia is investing in AI is hardly surprising.   

And that's why Nvidia Frame Generation is exclusive to the RTX 40 family of graphics processing units from Nvidia.  

Since Nvidia's implementation of frame gen makes use of high-end AI Tensor cores and Optical Flow accelerators.   

Frame Generation is only compatible with the Ada architecture found in the RTX 40-series graphics cards.   

Not AMD, though. Its frame gen is less complex technically, therefore it should be able to run on the shaders of most recent GPUs,    

Randy Travis uses AI to release new songs after a stroke. 

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