'90 Day Fiancé' heroine opens out about her shocking meeting with a professional athlete, which may have lost her her nanny job in New York City.

 The shocking facts of reality TV star Stephanie Matto's meeting with a professional athlete,,,   

 which she claims may have resulted in her termination as the family's nanny, have gone viral.   

 Popular reality TV star Matto, who was a nanny for a professional athlete in New York City, took to TikTok over the weekend to explain her harrowing experience.  

 On July 29, 2023, reality TV personality Stephanie Matto is spotted in New York.   

 Matto claims in the video—which has over 850,000 views—that he has never revealed the narrative because he signed a non-disclosure agreement.   

 However, he plans to tell the story in a way that gives viewers just enough secrets.  

 During her time as an acting student in New York City, 33-year-old Matto applied for a nanny position with a family she called a "high-profile family.  

 Requirements for the position, according to her, included being able to pick up the family's daughter from private school,,,, 

 They hired me right away since I was the ideal fit for their family. On top of that, the work itself seemed mundane and unremarkable.  

 The mother continued by saying that the daughter was "super well-behaved," but that the father was "strange."  

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