50 Cent Jokes About Diddy's Suicide Post-Lawsuit

No one trolls like 50 Cent. His ability to degrade rappers is unmatched. Not that Diddy needs assistance.   

After CNN showed his terrifying attack on Cassie, the Bad Boy founder lost all public respect.   

The statute of limitations on the attack will shield Diddy from legal action, but his problems continue.   

Puff Daddy was accused of drugging and molesting a lady over two decades ago, and 50 spoke up. He did, obviously.   

Following the fresh Diddy allegations, 50 Cent reposted the story on Instagram. "Got damn boy another one," he captioned. The G-Unit boss then made his deadliest comment, implying Diddy's death.   

"This my last puffy post I think he might kill himself," said. "I don’t want no parts of that." The post was removed.   

50's joke split fans in comments. Some thought it was appropriate and encouraged him to keep destroying Diddy's name, while others thought it was too much.    

50 Cent Claimed He Didn't Want To Spur Diddy's Death

"Too late. One upset user said, "Suicides are real. "You're taking things too far." Someone wrote, "50 you're an actual MENACE."   

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