5 Beautiful Horoscopes for Pallas in Scorpio on May 16  

Go whither the wind blows, or follow your heart. This is the poignant message for Thursday, May 16, 2024. Which road will you take?  

Of course, five zodiac signs will have the best horoscopes under this influence: Aries, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces.  

The rest are encouraged to follow their hearts, too!  

To begin, an important astrological transit occurs on May 16 when Pallas Retrograde moves out of Sagittarius and backward into Scorpio.  

Aries, have patience on Thursday. You are about to reach a significant milestone or cross the finish line on a smaller objective.  


Libra, you are a beautiful soul. Never doubt it. Thursday's energy encourages you to prioritize self-care and let go of negative attitudes that undermine your self-esteem and respect.   


Leo, the vibe on Thursday is soft for you. However, it is the type of tenderness that firmly supports the soul's proper course. Lean in and be patient.  


Sagittarius, the energy on Thursday is really strong for you. After all, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.  


Pisces, you may be largely ruled by Neptune, but Jupiter is your secondary ruler. Don't be shocked if you have good luck on Thursday, as it is Jupiter's day.