3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Luck In Relationships On May 18

What we shall discover on May 18, during the'reminder' transit of the Moon opposite Neptune, is that nothing is worth getting worked up about. Three zodiac signs may feel that their partner has pressed all of their buttons.  

And, while it's tempting to go nuclear, the Moon's astrological force opposite Neptune serves as a reminder not to get carried away.  

The best part is that we "get it." We recognize where this is headed and stop it in its tracks early on, because experience has shown us that we can remain calm and carry on, and that there is no genuine reason to make an Oscar-winning drama out of a minor misunderstanding.  

Hey, we are only human. We say silly things sometimes, but the secret to a great relationship existence is to accept everything with a grain of salt, as they say. Lighten up.  

Okay then. This thing, whatever it is, has gotten out of hand, and you're beginning to realize that what has just happened between you and your love partner isn't worth the effort. What you'll witness on Saturday, May 18 is a scene of strife, and it's far too much.  


Learning to let go and take things lightly is a critical part of your life because you tend to take things far too seriously at times, which has led you to quarrel with your partner in ways that could only be described as 'over the top.'   


You are always quick to engage in a theatrical argument. And, while it may sound heavy, there are times when you can't tell the difference between theater and reality, especially while battling with a loved one. In this scenario, you and your partner disagree on a certain issue.  


This offers enormous relief to your partner and demonstrates to you that on May 18, you, too, can relax and take it easy. Yes, it is feasible! You do not need to make an award-winning documentary on your life.   

You can simply relax on the couch with your loved one. It's so much better than fighting over who is 'the proper one.' Ah, peace has been restored, and smiles are back in town. Nice.  

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