3 Zodiac Signs Release Sadness & Experience Deep Healing On May 23

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, releasing sadness will be an option. Will we agree to this release or prolong our contract for another few months...or years?   

This one is totally up to us. We don't like to believe we have this kind of power, which entails the ability to 'give something up,' as in melancholy.  

If we are sad, we are aware of it; nevertheless, is this a lifelong sentence, or do we have a choice?

During Venus's transit through Gemini, we will undoubtedly realize that we can finally put an end to this by simply thinking that there is more to life than our present experience.   

For three zodiac signs, the power is ours to use, and it all depends on the Gemini factor: will we say 'yes' to going on or 'no?'


On Thursday, as Venus enters Gemini, your life will alter. Something positive is about to happen. However, you don't anticipate things to go this way, so you may be surprised. A surge of wonderful energy is currently heading your way. Someone from your past will come to you and help you let go of your unhappiness.


You've reached a moment in your life where you've realized that the unhappiness you've been carrying about with you on a daily basis isn't helping you anymore, and never has. During Venus in Gemini, you'll be given an option that comes from the universe itself. Are you willing to endure additional anguish, or have you reached the point where you can let go of this unwanted burden?


Living for the now is on your mind right now, Sagittarius, which means you'll have to let go of your attachment to the past, whatever that means to you. You've manufactured excuses for the sorrow you carry around with you, and you'll notice that the misery that surrounds you has become a crutch that you use to keep yourself from experiencing new things.

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