3 Zodiac Signs Find Their Perfect Match In Love On May 16

When May 16th draws near, it may be a lucky day for those of us who are fussy when it comes to romance, love, and the prospect of truly being in and being in a relationship. Now is a great time to find someone who is compatible with us on a suitable level.   

Given that the Waxing Gibbous Moon is in Virgo, we can infer that, despite our preferences, we are not insurmountable. We're 'open' to meeting someone special.  

Three zodiac signs can choose to remain open on Thursdays long enough to let the proper person in. Furthermore, the individual who most closely resembles us can be the "right one."   

Not because we are conceited or narcissistic, but rather because we are more at ease with others who have similar hobbies and lifestyles to our own during the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo.  

Because they weren't like us, this is the reason we've said "no" to people in the past. As a result, for the three zodiac signs, we need to choose partners who share our beliefs.   

That's difficult for some people to accomplish, but it's simple when everything lines up perfectly, as it will on Thursday, May 16. Prepare to let go of your heart because there is someone here right now who is so suited to you that you won't want to miss them.  

Now that we've here, it seems as though the cosmos is grinning over you, Cancer, informing you that the appropriate person for romance and love has finally entered your life. You have your standards, that's for sure, and you're not going to let just any old person in.  


You've always had very high expectations for the people you interact romantically with, and sometimes it can feel as like you've put up a hurdle for them to clear in order to determine whether or not they are worthy.  


You've always fantasized of being in a romantic relationship where you two agree on "everything" more often than you argue. There's no reason you should have to spend 'that much time' reconciling with a loved one. Could it not be simpler? Yes, in certain situations.   


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