3 Possible Signs He Misses You During No-Contact

Do you wonder if he is missing you during this time apart? Isn't it a tough situation to be in?  

You're trying to give each other space, but deep down, you want some sign that he feels the same way you do.  

Don't worry, though! Here are three clues that he may be missing you more than he is letting on.  

Frequent Communication Breaks: One of the most subtle signals that he misses you is his tendency to violate the no-contact rule more frequently than required. Perhaps he makes excuses to text or phone you, even if it's only to inquire about something minor.   

Social media stalking: In today's digital age, social media can provide a window into someone's thoughts and feelings even when they are not in contact. If you find that he's been more active on your social media profiles—liking old images, watching your stories, or commenting on your posts—it could be a sign that he misses you and is trying to stay connected in some way.

Sending confusing messages: His actions can sometimes give confusing messages, leaving you bewildered. For example, he could appear distant and aloof one moment and then feel nostalgic or sentimental the next. These variations could suggest that he's battling with his emotions and misses you more than he'd confess.  

While these signals can provide some insight into his emotions, it is critical to realize that each circumstance is unique. If you're still confused about where you stand .

Talk to an astrologer who can give you tailored advice based on your birth chart and the cosmic energies at play.  

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