11 Features of the Apple Watch That You Ought to Utilise Daily  

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Every every day, I don my Apple Watch Ultra 2. From working out to locating my iPhone, it includes a number of hidden capabilities that are a lifesaver.  

This post is for you if you're an Apple Watch fan who wants to unlock more features. If you own an Apple Watch, you should be making regular use of these eleven hidden functions.  

Downloading offline maps on iOS 17 and viewing them on Apple Watch is now possible with watchOS 10, according to Apple. To learn how to save maps to use offline in Apple Maps, we have a tutorial for you. So long as your iPhone is close by and there is no internet connection, it will work with your Watch.  

Offline maps:

When Apple released iOS 17, NameDrop was much discussed. Simply approaching another iPhone enables you share your contact information. One of watchOS 10.1's coolest hidden features is connecting your Apple Watch Series 6 or newer to an iPhone.  

NameDrop from iPhone to Apple Watch: 

This beloved function was removed and reinstated in watchOS. Go to Apple Watch Settings, Clock, then On to activate.  

Swipe to switch your main watch face: 

Custom workout plans are available by tapping the three-dot button of workouts on the Workouts app. Your training can be based on distance, pace, duration, calories, and repetitions (with rest). This pro feature simplifies your life.  

Create a custom workout: 

Apple Fitness Plus now lets you design a fitness plan on your Apple Watch. If you have a goal, like a personal event or weight loss, you may choose your weekly schedule, how long you'll work out per day, the length of the plan (up to 8 weeks), and the exercise kinds. Once you pick, you may choose what kind of workout you want to do daily, how long, which trainer, and what music.  

Custom Apple Fitness+ workout plan: 

Did you know your Apple Watch can operate your Apple TV? Watchur Watch, with a blue background and white “Play” icon, lets you choose your Apple TV and control it without a remote.  

Control Apple TV: 

Precision Find lets you find your iPhone 15 using an Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2. Tap the Watch's side button and then the phone ringer. If your phone is within Apple Watch range, its location will appear.  

Find your iPhone

Your Apple Watch will inquire how you feel one or twice daily. Logging your mood helps you understand what's impacting it and how to improve it.  

Log your state of mind:  

Siri can log on-device Health queries. Siri can now access the Health app for health and fitness queries on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, making requests faster and more secure.  

On-device queries:  

Some practices, like 20-second handwashing, persist after the pandemic. Turn on Handwashing Timer and Handwashing Reminders on your iPhone's Watch app to always wash your hands.  


This Apple Watch accessibility feature is ideal for broken or unresponsive displays. Open Accessibility, Apple Watch Mirroring, and enable it for as long as you need it under Settings on your iPhone.  

Apple Watch Mirroring:  

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